• 3-Head Primal Dragon From Soul Mixer
  • Golden Extreme Dragon
  • Evil Demon NP 1st Time
  • Colossal Cobra from Soul Mixer +1 Power Up
  • Frost Extreme Dragon (NP 1st Time)
This is the first ever page created on the Social Empires Tips Wiki. This page gives you combinations you can use to get specific units in the Soul Mixer. Before you can get the Units, you will have to wait and see a shadow. You can easily recognize shadows as there are barely any two Units with the same shadows. Once you see the shadow, you will have to wait a period of time to obtain it. Usually it is 5 Days and 10 Hours for strong Units but if you have just started your time would usually be 3-4 Hours. You can speed up for cash.(24 Hours=24 Cash so 5 Days 10 Hours would be 130 Cash) Please mind that the unit with NP ? Time are the best combinations to choose. 


  • (NP 1st Time)=No Powerup 1st Time
  • (R)=Rare Unit
  • (HTF)=Hard To Find
  • (WR)=With Rider
  • +1=1 Cash Powerup (1st)
  • +3=3 Cash Powerup (1 Cash + 2 Cash)

Dragon Soul Mixing Combinations

How To Obtain Bull Extreme Dragon (WR)

Golden Extreme Dragon + Forest Extreme Dragon

How To Obtain Frost Extreme Dragon

Green Bahamut Dragon + Forest Extreme Dragon

How To Obtain Deadly Dragon

How To Obtain 3-Head Primal Dragon

How To Obtain Golden Extreme Dragon

How To Obtain Electric Dynasty Dragon/Rider

How To Obtain Star Dragon/Rider

How To Obtain Orc Dragon

How To Obtain Sky Bahamut Dragon/Rider

How To Obtain Paladin Bahamut Dragon/Rider

How To Obtain 3-Head Dragon/Rider

Normal Units Soul Mixing Combinations

How To Obtain Death Warrior

How To Obtain Colossal Cobra

How To Obtain Evil Demon

How To Obtain Mad Balrog

How To Obtain Medieval Ether Messiah

How To Obtain Green Phoenix

How To Obtain Dragon Hunter II

How To Obtain Necro Dark Lord

  • Ramses II +  Priest Orc

How To Obtain Golden Golem

  • Draggy + Nice Troll

How To Obtain Monster Hunter

  • Infernal Demon + Giant Viper

Siege Engine Combinations

How To Obtain Advanced Catapult

  • Draggy + Nice Troll

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